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Wicked Son Eggs

Wicked Son EggsPassover is a time of stories and symbols.  As the holiday draws to an end, I wanted to share one of the most fun things we served at our Seder this year.  Last year my hubby, Mark, led us in the   The Two Minute Haggadah for the second night of Passover.  Everyone thought it was a riot and we joked that there should be a dish to match that contained the essence of the Seder in a few bites.  A few days before Passover began, we remembered the conversation and tossed around various ideas of how to make a bite-size Seder.  We hit on deviled eggs as the perfect medium for our holiday madness and Mark insisted that we call them “Wicked Son Eggs”.  Off to the kitchen I went to figure out a recipe.

After a day of shopping and cooking, the lamb confit was ready and I assembled the rest of our Wicked Son Eggs as follows:Seder egg
Peel and sliced 12 hard boiled eggs
Scoop yolks out and mix with mayonnaise, little shreds of lamb confit, fresh grated horseradish, and parsley
In another bowl mix finely diced apple with chopped walnuts and sweet wine
Stuff the eggs with yolk mixture
Top eggs with apples and walnuts
Serve on romaine lettuce leaves