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Purim Pie or HamenTARTshen

purim pieI love the holiday of Purim with its exciting stories of heroic princesses, colorful costumes, and jam-filled cookies called Hamentashen.  A few months ago we were invited to an event called Beyond Bubbies Kitchen and asked to make a dish that was a twist on traditional Jewish food. I glanced at the calendar and saw that the event was being held days before Purim and I am a jam maker, so naturally I decided to make Hamentashen (you just knew there had to be jam involved somewhere).  However, we still needed a twist!

We decided to make a savory Hamentashen with our Evil Apple, spicy apple chipotle jam and a mustard, olive oil crust.  (recipe posted here) and also a cheddar cheese crust Hamentashen with our Falling Leaves jam (apple, fig, cranberry). (recipe posted here)

Our little jam team baked about 1000 cookies for the event but we also had one jam ladies purim (250x217)more idea up our flour-covered sleeves. With a nod to my current favorite television program The Great British Baking Show, we made a showstopper which we called Purim Pie (my hubby renamed it The HamenTARTshen).

Taking my favorite simple pie crust recipe for a double crust 9″ pie (a mix of butter and shortening), I filled a 10″ loose bottom tart pan with the crust. I then made a rope of dough into about a 6″ circle and placed in the pan. I made more ropes of dough and cut them into 5″ pieces, bending and pinching them into a triangle shape. I fit the triangles into the space between the edges of the tart and the circle. when all the spaces were filled, I made another smaller circle and fit more dough triangles in between the two circles.

20150301_185722 (300x262)When all the triangles were placed I started to fill them with jams. I only filled the spaces about 2/3 full so the jam would not overflow. Being a jam company, we had lots of flavors to choose from in our pantry but I think the tart would also be lovely with only three or four flavors alternating in the spaces. Finally, we added a Jewish star cut from pie dough to the middle of the tart and baked the tart for about 30 minutes until lightly browned with bubbly jams.

Happy Purim! Boo Hamen! Horray Brave Esther! Vashti-rock your girl power!




Red Bean and Ginger Sufganiyot


Just before Rosh Hashonna I ate something that changed my view of Jewish Holiday food.  At an event called Beyond Bubbies Kitchen,  Chef Ming Tsai made brisket pot stickers.  Biting into one of these tender little dumplings was like having all of the  flavors of the holiday one tiny delicious package.  It had me begging for more (sneaking into line for seconds) but it also started me thinking about including more of the Asian flavors that my family loves in some of our traditional holiday fare.

For many years, as soon as Hanukkah started, I made batches of Sufganiyot, the little jelly donuts popular during the holidays.  Along with piles of traditional latkes, vegetable tsimmis , and cranberry rugulach, these were my holiday standards.  Not this year!   A quick trip to HMart and we had everything we needed for the experiment in East-West Hanukkah happiness. 

I used my standard donut recipe and made small donut hole sized treats, we then filled them with red bean paste and rolled them in ginger sugar.  I wanted to take some pictures but they just kept disappearing even while very warm from the fryer.  Finally I kicked my family out of the kitchen, catured the image and then ate the evidence.  The recipe is below if you want to try something new for the holidays.  Happy Hanukkah! 

Red Bean and Ginger Sufganiyot

1 cup Milk
1/2 cup Water
2 Tbs Butter
3 1/2 cups Flour
1 Tbs Rapid Rise Yeast
2 Tbs Sugar
1/2 tsp dried lemon peel (optional)
oil for frying
Prepared Red Bean Paste for filling
Ginger Sugar (see below)

Heat the milk, butter, and water until very warm
Mix yeast, sugar, lemon peel, and one cup flour in a large bowl or mixer
Add the warm milk mixture to the flour mixture
Beat well
Add additional flour to make a soft dough
Knead the dough adding flour as needed to make it soft but not sticky
Allow to rise until doubled
Pull off small pieces (about 1 inch) and roll into balls
Allow to rest for about 10 minutes
Fry in small batches until golden brown
Cool slightly then roll in ginger sugar
Using a pastry bag, fill with red bean paste

Ginger Sugar
1/2 cup Sugar
2-3 pieces of Crystalized Ginger

Place in a food processor and process until fine