I have been cooking since I was about five when my Dad responded to my pleas for an Easy Bake oven toy by introducing me to the real oven.  My Dad is an amazing baker and cook and my Mom knows how to make everyone feel like the most important guest she has ever entertained.  The simplest last minute picnic and the most elaborate parties were done with care when I was growing up as they are today.  I learned that the littlest things delivered with thoughtfulness and open arms and a generous heart make people feel special.  That is why I cook, that is why I write, that is how I try to live.  Cookies for everyone!

Disclosure Policy
The primary focus of my blog is making tasty food and drinks for my family and friends. I also sometimes share contests I enter, events I attend, and travel adventures. I may at times receive samples of foods, beverages, or books or be invited to attend events. I always make it clear to the giver that I am not under any obligation to review any of these products or events. If I love something you may hear about it; if not, it is unlikely to appear on these pages. I am not a professional reviewer and just want to share things that are special and wonderful with my readers.


4 responses to “About

  1. Hi Robin –

    It was great to meet you last night at 606 Congress…what a fun night of socializing and enjoying some amazing food. I hope our paths cross again soon.

    Best –

  2. please subscribe me

  3. I’d lie t subscribe, having some problems I think

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