Seasonal Suffering

SONY DSCIt is that dark and difficult time in the little jam kitchen. Don’t get me wrong; I understand that the world is beset by violence, famine, and floods and yet I come to you to complain about my longing for berries. It is less than a month, until the first strawberries arrive; ripe and sweet and red but I grow weary of waiting.

We jam ladies go about our business of making delicious spreads out every kind of fruit from our local farms but around this time of year we feel the challenge of “going local” more than any other time.  Our friends and customers see supermarkets counters filled with every type of produce and so naturally it is reasonable for them to ask for a jar of a particular strawberry or raspberry jam. They are often shocked to find during this time of year that we have sold them all and no more will be made until the season comes around again. It reinforces our own craving to have that Summer fruit now.

So what do we do? It is easier and cheaper to stop buying fruit from our local family farms but that was the point of my starting Doves and Figs in the first place. We could have strawberries from somewhere all year round but it would not be the same for me. The first sun-warmed berries will arrive soon from the fields and they will again taste of shortcakes and childhood adventures and the essence of Summer.

What do we do? We wait and we hope that you find beauty in embracing the seasons too.




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