To Julia Child-Homage avec Fromage

My love for Julia Child goes back to watching The French Chef as a little girl withgalette au fromage my Dad.  We learned and laughed together.   Dad is not one to strictly follow recipes (or directions-just ask my Mom) but rather I watched him gather ideas from this and other cooking shows and make them his own.  It is the way I cook today.  Mostly I look to cookbooks for ideas or techniques and Julia Child’s The Art of French Cooking is a lifetime companion for me in the kitchen.
With the celebration this week of what would have been Ms. Child’s one hundredth birthday, there are so many people posting dishes and meals they are creating from or inspired by her works.  While the elaborate, multi-step recipes are the ones getting the most attention (and I have made my share of those), it is the simple recipes that I like the best.  Galettes Au Fromage from Volume One of the Art of French Cooking is simple enough to prepare with children for a fun snack but can also be served elegant nibble for your next cocktail party.  Julia even notes that this recipe is a good way to use of leftover cheese and since I often freeze little bits of cheese that is a bonus.
I made my Galettes Au Fromage with a mix of cheddar, swiss, and parmesan and shaped then into little hearts instead of the round shapes detailed in the recipe. (Tuck this idea away for Valentines Day!) I served them with some homemade fig, apple, cranberry spread which matched well with the salt and crunch of the biscuits. Bon Appetit!


One response to “To Julia Child-Homage avec Fromage

  1. I’d forgotten this one – thanks for the reminder and the nudge to make them for my next gathering.

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