Juicy, Sweet, Tart, and Tasty

I am afraid that I have been posting less recipes these days and that is mostly because my kitchen is filled with these magnificent treasures from local Massachusetts farms and orchards.  Once the season slows down and all of the fruit has been blended into preserves and conserves and tucked into jars, there will be more everyday cooking and baking again.  Even so, I can’t totally leave my jam behind and I am thinking about a mid-winter multi-course dinner with some type of jam in each course.  And then there are all of those jam filled tarts and biscuits and cookies I am sure to make for the holidays.  Thank you wonderful farmers for growing all the berries and fruits that are helping me spread the jam love.

To see what we are making in the jam kitchen and where we will be selling & tasting jam next, please go to Doves and Figs Kitchen


2 responses to “Juicy, Sweet, Tart, and Tasty

  1. Robin, where are you finding all these lovely ingredients? I was bit belatedly by the canning bug this year but don’t want to miss out what little time is left–the only blackberries I see are at the supermarket which are too expensive (and also probably not tasty enough and too far-flung in origin to be worth the trouble).

  2. These were from Kimball Fruit Farm a few weeks ago and they were so fragrant and delicious. Several bags of them are tucked into my freezer for winter jam making. I agree the imported blackberries have much less flavor.

    Right now apples, pears, cranberries, are great local jam chioces.

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