Doves and Figs Kitchen

As a little girl I lived in Montauk LI at our small family motel for the summers. jamThe town was less refined than it is today but with the same long stretches of sand between soaring cliffs and cool foaming ocean. At the end of the vacation season, wild grapes grew fat and dark purple and plentiful. Our family washed all of the buckets and pails retired from sand castle building and filled them with grapes. My brother and I squeezed piles and piles of grape middles from their skins and Dad made gallons of grape jam. The sweet drunken scent of grapes and sugar wove a crazy path out of the windows riding on the breeze and drew motel patrons to the kitchen. While most kids want to open a lemonade stand, I dreamed of someday selling summer jam. Many years have passed, many recipes have been created, pounds and pounds of local fruit have been simmered and my summer jam stand has become real.

Tomorrow morning I will officially launch my preserves business Doves and Figs Kitchen at the Winchester Farmers Market and in August we will be at the Arlington Farmers Market.  If you would like to see more about what we are making, please visit or come by the farmers market for a taste.


6 responses to “Doves and Figs Kitchen

  1. Ah, I remember Montauk in those days when it was sandwiched between potato and veggie farms and Irish fishermen coming in from the Banks. We spent our summers clamming on the bay side of Dune Road in Southampton at my cousin’s grandparent’s home. We then spent summers at the girls camp Fireplace Lodge on Gardners Bay in Easthampton as campers, We, too, left the Hamptons for New England and are trying to regain those great times back for our kids. LOVING your site, your recipes and what you are doing. !! Thanks so much for bringing back that great way of life back into play via your site!

    • So glad I could stir some good memories of Montauk. It was such a wonderful place. I hope to return this fall and write an article on the changes from many years ago. Perhaps I will still find some grape vines in fruit 🙂

  2. Hope your business is a huge success! Here in KY it is blackberry season, and I am canning as fast as I can go….between my hot flashes. Giggles

    • Love blackberries-are you making jam or berries in syrup or other? And I hear you sister on the heat!

  3. I’m old enough to remember the Montauk you lived in. I lived on the North Shore in Nassau but used to go out there with my friends to hang out and explore. Hey, did you know the Mundus kids? We hung out a bit with one.- I think Cathy… My goodness, that was a long time ago 😦

  4. When will you be in Winchester again? We bought 2 jars of jam (lunchbox and blueberry sparkle) and love them both!! i brought the sparkle to work with me and shared some with my lucky coworkers…they want me to get more!! Thanks again!!

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