Double Goat Burgers

goat burgerFor the last several years on the opening day of the farmers market in my town (Arlington MA) I celebrate by making a dinner from whatever I find at the market.  This year Chestnut Farms brought ground goat and Smith Country Cheese  brought fresh goat cheese from Westfield farm and I thought that these would be delicious paired together.  I served my double goat burgers with  baby tomatoes which I quick pickled and steamed asparagus both from Kimball Fruit Farm.  Young goat provides a mild-flavored, rather lean meat and the addition of goat cheese along with some fresh chopped herbs from my garden gave it a richness and brought out a hint of sweetness. It was a perfect pair!

Double Goat Burgergoat burger raw
1 pound ground goat meat
3 ounces soft goat cheese
1 tablespoon chopped herbs (I used a mix of rosemary, sage, basil)
2 tablespoons sherry wine

Combine all ingredients and make into 1/3 or 1/4 pound patties
Sear both sides of the burgers in a hot pan
Cook for a few minutes and then pour sherry over the top of the burger and cook until done to your taste.


2 responses to “Double Goat Burgers

  1. Goat burgers? You seriously are my hero.

  2. These sound great…and thanks for joining the #Goaterie crew. Now I have to see if place I’m heading to now will grind up some goat meat for me, I absolutely have to try this!

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