Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen Ticket Contest

ANNOUNCEMENT–the winner of the free ticket to Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen is…a little Klezmer music please…Renee of  After bemoaning the lack of really good deli in Boston (I am with you on that sister), I hope you get your Jewish food joy on Jan 30.  Thanks to everyone who participated and there are still some tickets available for purchase  Ticket info

seder plateImagine biting into a perfect little momo dumpling, or a potsticker, or a tamale and finding a meltingly tender mouthful of brisket inside.  Last year I attended an event from The New Center for Arts and Culture called Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen where some of the best chefs in the Boston area were challenged with updating Jewish holiday cuisine.  The result was dishes that mixed cultures and went beyond simple updates of recipes to sparking ideas that will become new traditions in young Jewish households.

Well, they are doing it again on Sunday, January 30, 2011!  This time my Jewish food idol, Joan Nathan will be at Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen to give a talk and there will be an expanded menu of foods from soup to dessert.  So nu, do you have your ticket already?
Does  tasting Michael Scelfo’s (Russell House Tavern) take on bagels and lox with hot smoked arctic char tempt you?
Maybe Steven Brand from Upstairs on the Square could entice you with his braise lamb knishes?
How about Craigie on Main’s Tony Maws giving his take on kasha varnishkas ?
Maybe a bissel wine to wash it down?  Central Bottle, Urban Grape and
Narragansett Beer will be sampling beer, wine, and even Kosher scotch.
Full Menu/Participating Chefs and Ticket info
I have the pleasure of awarding one ticket to this event courtesy of the nice folks at The New Center for Arts and Culture.   Oy, such menschs!

RULES: To participate in the contest, please leave one comment on this post and tell us what traditional Jewish food you would like to see updated and why.
 New Deadline-You must post your comment by Monday, January 17, 2011 by 11:00 pm est to be eligible to win.
New Announcement Date-A winner will be selected at random and announced on this blog on Tuesday, January 18, 2011.
You must be 18 year old or older to participate
Note: Any postings that are considered not appropriate to this blog will not be displayed  but you would never shame your Bubbie that way so we are not worried!
Disclosures: I will be attending this event as a guest of The New Center for Arts and Culture and my bubbie was a terrible cook (except for one miraculous dish of stuffed cabbage) but she played a mean game of Mahjong.


17 responses to “Beyond Bubbie’s Kitchen Ticket Contest

  1. I wish I could enter this giveaway because you know this is right up my alley…but it is sadly/happily our anniversary that night so I wouldn’t be able to make it. I’ll definitely tweet about it for sure!

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  3. I have to admit that the only Jewish food I know is Latkes. That being said I love them! Though I wouldn’t mind trying some other stuff (Babke, Rugelach (why have I not tried/made either of these yet, the lazy it kicks in)! This sounds like a great adventure!

  4. Mmm…I miss traditional Jewish Deli, you would think that in Boston, you could find it done right, but it can’t compare to Florida!

    But I digress…I would love to see kugel updated. There are so many delicious ways to make kugel, sweet or savory, hot or cold, the possibilities are endless, so I would love to see all of the creativity that could come out of this dish!

  5. The first thing that came to my mind was kugel as well. So many varieties out there=confused. But alas I will be on vacation on this day. Sounds like so much fun too!

  6. One favorite traditional Jewish dish my family enjoys is Tsimis. (carrot, sweet potato and meat stew.) My Bubbie taught me to make it with Flunken (specific cut of kosher meat). Family members have found that if you do not use Flunken, the Tsimis does not taste the same. We also put Kanadalach (dumplings) on top of our Tsimis. Needless to say, our Tsmis is a lengthy process as well as high in calories. Can this dish be updated and still keep the flavors? Would truly enjoy one free ticket to this event courtesy of the nice folks at The New Center for Arts and Culture. Oy, such menschs!

    The Souper

  7. I was going to say kugel too! Certain desserts like babka and rugelach I wouldn’t be okay with messing with. They’re best as is.

  8. I’ll certainly spread the word, after all my Shiksa Varnishkes were delish! Michael Schlow made our wedding dinner, including chocolate popsicles in place of cake. I’ll be out of town but I’m sure it will be a delicious evening.

  9. Potato knishes. I love cheese knishes, but potato knishes just seem stodgy and dense to me. I know it depends on the recipe, but I think maybe a fluffier, more flavourful potato knish would be nice. Also Kasha…I don’t like it…maybe it can be updated so that I could learn to like it.

  10. I would love to see what someone could do with matzo ball soup. I know, I know, it’ s probably heretical to even suggest it, but I think there could be some really fun culinary innovations. I am a big fan of Asian and Asian-inspired soups – for example, Japanese udon soup or ramen or Thai tom yum gai soup. Curious to see if you could mix the two (or even think up something totally different!).

    The Souper – are you talking about Flanken? You can get it, kosher, at the Butcherie (store in Coolidge Corner). I think the “new” Glatt Kosher butcher shop down the block from the Butcherie probably carries it too. Just had a mushroom-barley soup last night for dinner that had flanken from the Butcherie. Tasty!

    I am curious to see how sushi tzimmes is going to work….trying to wrap my head around that one!

  11. Kreplach is the first thing that comes to mind. A dumpling dough that doesn’t get to mushy or rubbery with a really fantastic tasting filling.

    On a side note; Mr Maws, if anyone can make me like kasha varnishkas, I know you can!

  12. Matzah brei! I’ve only had the traditional with egg and then slathered with butter and jam… I think an update is in order!!!

  13. Matzo Brei! I loved my Mom’s recipe, but in retrospect I think that’s because I poured salt on it. 😉

    I’d love to taste a version that’s crispy but not too dry.

  14. Emily A. thank you for mention on Flanken. Yes, I know Butcherie very well. By living in Western suburb it is not convenient to get to. Also, I think it is very expensive. Would like to know if there is another cut of meat similar, not Kosher.

    The Souper

  15. I missed last year’s event and I’m psyched to go this year. I’m not sure what “Jewish food” really is — many people think of Ashkenazi food, but there is such a great treasure trove of Sephardic recipes. A friend was in my apartment once and saw a box of matzah and said, “oh, you have the Jewish bread…” so that’s what I always think of when someone asks me what Jewish food is. I guess that matzah is probably the best example of Jewish food that needs updating!

  16. Yay! Thank you so much, I look forward to seeing everyone there!

  17. Just have to mention our family traditional Kugel Recipe as posted on my blog Prep2eat. It is no-nonsense, pure comfort of egg noodles, cheeses, cinnamon and sugar. No dried fruits or pineapple. Hope you give it a try.

    The Souper

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