Tasty Christmas on the Farm

gingerbread farmI love to make holiday cakes, gingerbread, and candy house creations.  With my many visits  to Massachusetts farms,  over the last few years, I thought it would be fun to make an edible farm scene and I included a little surprise inside the barn.  

Often gingerbread houses don’t live up to their tantalizing appearance igingerbread farm closeupn terms of taste, but our farm was going to be delicious because hidden under layers of gingerbread graham crackers and royal icing was a buttery lemon pound cake.  With the addition of iced shortbread animals and cotton candy “snow”; it was a fun and tasty treat.

gingerbread cake insideAfter Christmas supper, all of the kids participated in farm deconstruction and devouring.  My friend’s son suggested laser guided missiles be aimed at our tranquil setting (boys!) but we settled for fingers to crack the roof and pluck the animals from the snow and then a grown up with a sharp knife to slice the cake.  The cake was moist and delicious and my stepdaughter claimed that the black sheep (the only sheep who escaped from the pretzel stick pen to nibble some shredded wheat hay) tasted the best of all!


5 responses to “Tasty Christmas on the Farm

  1. This is freaking adorable. You are SO creative!

  2. So cute!! What a nice surprise to have buttery pound cake inside!

  3. Awww…That looks amazing…Who ate all the ‘ducks’ …it would have been me if I was there, YUMM..

  4. Holy cow! Now can you make a Gingerbread Mount Vernon!

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