Light the Lights-Day 7

russet applesApplesauce is part of many Hanukkah meals so I made a few batches during apple picking season to tuck away for the holidays.  I freeze my applesauce in small containers so I can always thaw just as much as I need. 

This year we picked Golden Russets and Roxbury Russets at Kimball Fruit Farm and these old varieties of apples made the most amazingly full-flavored apple sauce.  I also mixed some raspberry puree (from berries picked at Wright -Locke Farm in Winchester)  into one of the batches for a rose-colored sauce with a tart and fruity twist.   

My applesauce is made with peeled and cored apples, cut into chunks.  It is cooked slowly with water, a cinnamon stick, and a little sugar.


3 responses to “Light the Lights-Day 7

  1. We’re applesauce fans (over sour cream) for our latkes. I love making it in the slow cooker – so easy and the whole kitchen smells lovely!

  2. Awesome idea!

  3. Nom. Love applesauce! Now I want to make some!

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