Light The Lights-Day One

Happy Chanukkah!  I love the holidays with family and friends and festive Blue Cheese Matzoh Latkesfoods, what is not to like.  For each night of Chanukkah, I am going to post a recipe which is either an old childhood favorite or a new dish or sometimes a little of both as in tonight’s recipe Blue Cheese Matzoh Latkes.

When I was a kid we started out making matzoh latkes during Passover but I loved them so much that I asked my parents to make them during Chanukkah  in addition to the platters full of potato latkes we fried up for the holiday.  They are a bit plain so I thought the salty tang of blue cheese would be a nice addition and they turned out delicious.  I used Great Hill blue cheese and served them with homemade Golden Russet applesauce for a nice local food start to Chanukkah.

1/3 cup+2 tablespoons matzoh meal
1 egg separated
2/3 cup milk
2 tablespoons cumbled mild blue cheese
pinch of ground black pepper
Vegetable oil for frying

Mix matzoh meal, egg yolk, milk, pepper, & cheese together
Chill for about 30 minutes
Beat the egg white until it forms soft peaks
Fold egg white into matzoh mixture
Heat about 1/2 inch of oil in frying pan
Fry latkes until golden and crisp
Serve hot with applesauce


2 responses to “Light The Lights-Day One

  1. Latkes are Bret’s specialty so I’m looking forward to see what he whips up tonight! Love the dipping dish!

  2. Dipping dish is from the fabulous Judaica store-Christmas Tree Shoppes!!

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