Thank You Joanne Chang!

I was surprised to find that Joanne Chang’s Flour Cookbook has a recipe for Vegan Low Fat Chocolate Cake.  I expected to try out some of her delicious rich deserts that I have sampled at the bakery but instead I baked a treat for my hubby, Mark.  Mark lives in a house where the heady scent of butter partners with melted chocolate, sweet fruit, and vanilla to dance an ongoing tango around our kitchen.  This would not be a problem for most people but Mark is working hard to maintain a restrictive low-fat diet for health reasons.

Until now creating a real devil’s food cake for him without artificial goop seemed impossible.   It is not!   This cake was simple to make and is full of chocolate and coffee flavor.  The texture was dense, moist, and crumbly and reminded Mark of his favorite childhood snack cake.  Thanks Joanne for including this recipe in your cookbook.  It is a winner in this house. 
Note: picture above shows the cake with powdered sugar and candied cranberries sprinkled on top


7 responses to “Thank You Joanne Chang!

  1. A life without butter is one I can’t envision…Mark does it without complaints! This cake looks great and I’m looking forward to seeing you tonight!

  2. This looks great. I’ll definitely have to try to make this one. Sometimes you need a break from stick after stick of butter.

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  4. @Michelle, a life with Robin is better than butter. 🙂

  5. Hi Robin, it was nice meeting you yesterday at brunch! While I do love full-fat chocolate treats, I am also constantly trying low-fat (or vegan) recipes. I’ll definitely plan to get a copy of Joanne Chang’s cookbook soon, and I’ll make sure to try this recipe!

    • Brunch was so much fun! Besides this wonderful low fat cake there are homemade oreos and double chocolate chocolate cookies and lots of other chocolate treats. Great cookbook for any chocoholic’s kitchen bookshelf.

  6. Joanne’s vegan lowfat chocolate cake is beyond good. you would never guess it was either a. vegan or b. lowfat!

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