Peach Panic

I bought some peaches as soon as they showed up at the farmers market and they were delicious if a tiny bit under ripe.  The next week I bought more and we ate some for a snack and made a delicious salmon with white wine and sliced peaches and grilled peaches with mint and honey. 

Next I bought a small bag of perfectly ripe nectarines which was demolished amid contented sighs and sticky hands coated in juice.  The peaches and nectarines and plums were so good this year that they made me feel sad to think that the season would soon draw to a close.    

I could not imagine being without this friend through the long winter so out came the canning supplies and soon I had created a small winter stash of white and yellow peach preserves with cinnamon and port wine, spicy peach with Hungarian peppers, a small batch of peach and lavender, and a tart plum and ginger sauce.  We often think of jams and preserves as spreads for toast; but they are wonderful for savory and sweet dishes.  Try serving homemade jam on a cheese platter, or  use as a meat or fish glaze, and use preserves for filling tarts and cookies as I did with the simple shortbread cookies shown here stuffed with peach and lavender jam.


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