In a Pickle Again

As so often happens when I make the acquaintance of a new  and interesting vegetable the first thing I think is what it make a good pickle?  I picked up some tindora at Russos in Watertown, MA which are a small cucumber like vegetables that look a bit like tiny elongated watermelons.  They are often prepared stir fried in Indian cuisine but they are tasty and crisp served raw.  

I prepared a simple brine of water, salt, sugar, and vinegar and then decided to add some coriander, cumin, mustard, peppercorns, and chili powder to give it some Indian flavor.  As the brine cooked, I spotted the watermelon radishes that I purchased at the last winter farmers market in Wayland.  I sliced a few and they looked so beautiful with the tindora that I threw them in a bowl together.  When the brine had cooled, I poured it over the tindora and radishes and left them overnight to pickle in the refrigerator.

The pickles were bright and crunchy and looked charming presented in an antique green depression glass bowl.       I am not sure how these will hold up to canning but I will give it a try soon perhaps.  Perhaps they will even make it into my canning and preserving classes coming up this spring.


2 responses to “In a Pickle Again

  1. Curious if you tried to canning this and how it turned out?

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