Frittatas by the Dozen

I love fresh farm eggs and so when I was invited to a brunch a few weeks ago and had just picked up two dozen eggs at the winter farmers market in Wayland, an egg dish seemed a natual choice.  Quiche is my go to brunch dish and the tart pans stood at the ready but I shunned them in favor of a frittata.  Actually, several dozen little frittatas with cheddar cheese and mushroom and shallot Duxelles.   A number of people attending the event are watching their weight and reducing fat so I made one batch fat-free by using egg white and fat-free ricotta cheese and added a bit of red pepper.

I baked them in muffin cups and placed a round piece of rye bread in the bottom of each buttered cup (non-sick spray was used for the fat-free version).  The rye bread lent the dish a bit of sweetness and body when they were unmolded. 

Try this with your favorite frittata recipe for your next brunch and watch your frittatas disappear by the dozen!


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