Market Wrap Up Party Treats

chocolate pear tartThe last day of the season for the Arlington Farmers Market is traditionally a festive day with a party after pack up.  This year the bash was at the market managers house and I missed it!  Sometimes life hands you too many good things at once and I had tickets to the Big Event culinary celebration hosted by Jacques Pepin at Boston University.  So I said quick farewells to my farmer friends, many of whom I plan to visit over the winter and dropped off some desserts I made for the party.   

I heard that my chocolate pear tart (pictured left) was a big hit.  I used eggs from Golden Egg Farms, Tazo chocolate from Somerville, and sickle pears from Kimball Fruit Farms.  I made a simple tart crust and filled it with a chocolate, sour cream custard and then topped the tart with port and cinnamon poached pears.  I finished it with a drizzle of caramel made from the pear poaching liquid.



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