Petite Pumpkins

baby punkinsTiny sugar pumpkins appeared at the Kimball Fruit Farm stall at the Arlington Farmers’ Market and the little cuties practically leaped into my basket.  Arriving home, I snapped a picture of the pumpkins whole and then chopped their tops off.  After scraping out the seeds, I filled them with a bit of Pineau de Charentes (Tawny Port would be lovely as well), some Zante currants and a sprinkle of ginger and allspice.   Into a 400 degree oven they went, lids and all, for about 45 pumpkins 
When my petite pumpkins were done, I took them from the oven and dumped in about a tablespoon and a half of couscous and two tablespoons of water.  I replaced the lids and the couscous steamed beautifully in about five minutes picked up the flavors roasted in the pumpkins.  Just a quick fluff of the couscous and they were ready to serve.  What a spooky fun treat this would make for a Halloween dinner or a great vegan side dish for a fall supper.


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