An Interesting Farmers’ Market Visitor


I was buying beets at the Lexington Farmers’ Market yesterday when the large backpack of the woman standing next to me began to chatter and squawk.  I nearly dropped my shopping basket in surprise as I came face to beak with a beautiful African Grey parrot.  The bird seemed to be adding her comments as her owner and the owner’s Mom discussed buying some beets to eat and their plan to share the greens with their parrot. 

As a former parrot owner, I had to chat a bit with them and take some pictures with my camera phone.  My new bird friend was going home with a choice selection of organic greens and vegetables from the market.  Meanwhile I was so engaged in chatting about pets that I forgot to buy ingredients for holiday soup.  Luckily, Arlington Farmers’ Market is today so I will have my soup vegetables and who knows what strange visitors I might meet!


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