Triple Berry Jam

jamwebThe perfect way to end the summer;  lost in row upon row of full lush raspberry bushes.  The ripe red fruits almost fell into our hands.  Except for some slightly  annoyed bees who went off in a huff without stinging anyone and a few scratches from the thorns, it was so easy to fill a pail with the sweet berries.  We went with good friends and the three girls giggled and ate and picked and ate and teased each other and, sticky red-stained fingers tell the tale, ate!  We had three pounds when we were done, and add that to the two and a half pound I had already stowed in the freezer, it was time to make jam. 

I love the texture of preserves but with raspberries I find there are too many seeds.  I started out making a seedless jam but then thought perhaps I would throw in some whole berries as well.  As I reached for the frozen raspberries, I spotted a bag of wild blueberries and also some strawberries.  I tossed a couple of handfuls of each into the jam and the perfect texture emerged.

Before this summer, I always made freezer jam but all my complaining about canning the pickles aside, I was feeling brave enough to try something else.  The jars of jam came out so gloriously beautiful that I started thinking about canning some other recipes.  Last night my Dad mentioned how we used to make concord grape jam in Montauk in the fall.  I guess I know what to look for at the farmers market this weekend.


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